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Brentwood's cooling tower team is happy to announce the first edition of The Cooling Quarterly -- a digital publication that will feature everything from the latest product development news to up-close-and-personal introductions of our team members. As the name implies, it will be published four times a year, providing a fun and interactive platform for Brentwood to keep you up to date on what's happening. You'll be the first to hear about important developments, product launches, and industry news!

In this issue, you'll get the chance to learn about our research and development capabilities, meet our customer service employees, and get an inside look at what we're working on in India. We hope you find the newsletter to be interesting and entertaining and welcome your honest feedback. By simply replying to this e-mail, you can send us questions, comments, concerns, and even suggest ideas for future articles. 
Engineering Corner:

"Is this fill going to provide the cooling capacity I need?" "Which fill is the best for my water quality?" "What are the creep properties of plastic under load and temperature?" "If I change from an old drift eliminator to a new, high efficiency drift eliminator, what impact might that have on the thermal performance of my tower?"

These are all questions we've heard at Brentwood, and they're all important. Our Engineering and Research & Development teams are consistently working hard to provide answers to these questions so that our customers can have confidence in the products we supply to solve their problems.

Brentwood is the only independent fill supplier in the world that has all of the following product and performance testing capabilities in-house:
-   CF and XF Fill Thermal Performance (Heat & Mass Transfer, Pressure Drop)
-   Pressure Drop Testing for Drift Eliminators and Inlet Louvers
-   Fill Fouling Studies
-   Antimicrobial Effectiveness
-   Crush Strength and Load-Bearing Capacity
-   Deflection at Elevated Temperatures
-   Material Properties: Heat Deflection Temperature, Flexural & Tensile Strength, and Impact Resistance
-   Nozzle Studies
Brentwood's team is excited to introduce its first newsletter, which will be produced quarterly.
Engineering Corner:
Research and development are at the core of everything Brentwood does.

Product Spotlight:
HTP25 provides high thermal performance for applications with high levels of suspended solids.

Ever wonder what that person on the other end of the phone looks like? Meet our team!

Around The World:
Brentwood extends its global reach to India.

Catch My Drift:
How many years of cooling tower experience does the Brentwood team have?

Customer Connection:
Send us your funniest pictures! 

See Us In Show:
Meet up with us on Bourbon Street in NOLA!
Product Spotlight:

HTP25 Modular Fill was developed in 2010 as a high-thermal-performance solution to bridge the gap between film and splash fills. It is an injection-molded product that provides high thermal performance (increases performance 150% over standard splash fills) for applications where the circulating water's high level of suspended solids does not permit the use of film fills. HTP25 is mechanicall assembled, and its vertical, offset-flute, fouling-resistant design allows for over 20,000 drip points per pack. Used in both counterflow and crossflow towers, HTP25 is available in standard 36" and 72" pack lengths. Click here to learn more.

Brentwood's responsive customer service team has allowed us to become the industry leader in on-time deliveries, while maintaining a high degree of order accuracy. As you may know, this team also supports our customers (you guys!) by providing you with product drawings and specifications, installation guidelines, product test data, and application notes.

You may feel like you know them well, but have you ever wanted to match a name with a face? Pictured from left to right are Kim James, Chuck Newberry, Josh Livezey, and Kameron Krumsky.

And here are some fun facts about each:

-   Kim has traveled to the Arctic Circle and the oil fields on the norther slope of Alaska.
-   Chuck served in the United States Air Force for nine years and continues to serve in the Air Force Air National Guard. He has been deployed twice, once to Kuwait and once to Afghanistan -- only two weeks after his first daughter was born!
-   In 2008, Josh was ranked third in Pennsylvania in ATV Motocross. Now, he's training for a marathon.
-   Kameron enjoys traveling as much as possible and has managed to rack up over 14,000 miles in the past six months.
Around The World:
As India continues to experience economic growth and development, its power market is rapidly expanding in an effort to support that growth. Over the past few years, Brentwood has worked to engage this market by lending its expertise and introducing high-performing products. Brentwood's involvement in the Indian power market has been well received, so last year, we opened a sales office in Vadodara, India, and hired a skilled sales team to better serve the region. Our newest manufacturing facility will also be located in Vadodara and is scheduled to open and begin production in mid-2015. We are very excited about this new venture and look forward to continuing our work in the Indian power market.
Catch My Drift:
Our Brentwood sales, service, and engineering employees have a combined 200 YEARS of cooling tower knowledge and experience!
Customer Connection:

Send in your funniest pictures of the most abused cooling towers you've seen in the field to this e-mail address by April 1st. The worst tower will be featured in next quarter's newsletter, and the winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card!
See Us In Show:

We're excited to be back in New Orleans for CTI's Annual Conference this year from February 8-12, so make sure you stop by booth #49 to see us! Brentwood's Chris Bowman will also be giving his first CTI presentation -- A Study on the Combustion of Polymers within Cooling Towers -- on Tuesday morning at 8:30am. (We know that's a little early for those of you partaking in the libations down on Bourbon Street on Monday night, so just do your best to make an appearance). By exploring which polymer formulations within cooling tower components make a tower more susceptible to a fire event, Chris will school us all about how to keep cool.
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